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Vineyard Auto beats the prices for any make or model. Why? With no sales managers or big overhead costs, Vineyard works directly with auto manufacturers, cutting out the middle-man and saving you money.

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Auto Leasing

Don’t know much about leasing? Don’t worry – we’ve got your covered.

Car Financing

Vineyard Auto can beat the prices for any make or model.

Lease Termination

Learn about your options for ending an existing lease.

Transfer Return

Affordably transfer out of your existing lease and into a new one.

Auto Insurance

From full car to rim and tire, get insured at wholesale prices.

Maintenance Plans

We will schedule appointments and get your car to and from the dealership.

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Vineyard Auto

You can choose between leasing or financing a car, with a much lower APR than any other dealership out there.

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Our personalized service will help guide you through the application process.  We’ll help you browse and choose your options, and once processed, we will deliver the car to your job or home.  Vineyard Auto’s goal is to save you time, money and energy.

Why Vineyard Auto?

Want to know what makes us better than any other dealership out there?

We can beat their prices, we can beat their service, and we can keep you happier in the long run. Vineyard Auto becomes your personal concierge service where you can call us to help you with all your car needs. From scheduling service appointments to having the car picked up and dropped off, we will get you there.